Imaginary Lines (Process II)

So now that I’ve decided on my work and also illustrated them, it’s time to edit them into InDesign!

The cover page would be printed onto the paper that I did marbling on


Above the poem, I decided to leave it blank because after printing it would, I wanted to cut a hole and sew threads across the hole.

23rwer weqweq

I decided to do another page of marbling for the back page too and my name would be printed on it.


POV (Process)

During consultation Ina really liked my set of POV and she suggested if I could do a zine on it so I thought why not, since the works were already done, all I needed to do was to just come up with the cover page and the introductions.

I decided to do a cover page of the boa constrictor from The Little Prince as that was what the adaptation of my POV came from. Also, to show my readers where the story came from I decided to illustrate the font into the boa constrictor, also a reference from my POV works, where I illustrated what people with mental illnesses saw inside the boa constrictor.

I did the illustration once, and I was very pleased with it so I decided to scan and use it for my cover page.


Imaginary Lines (Process)

Now that I’ve decided on my topic, I started to brainstorm for the content and because my Depression piece from POV was the inspiration, I knew I wanted to include that into my zine. After much consideration I decided on 4 topics in my zine:

  • 6 degrees of separation
  • Depression
  • Lovers
  • Strangers

And so I did a few sketches in my sketchbook just to get an idea of what I wanted to do:

Scan 9 Scan 7 Scan 5 Scan 13

I really liked this technique of marbling so I decided to use this as my cover page, also to play on the idea of when someone sees it they would expect something abstract but they would be surprised to see it’s something entirely different when they open the zine. 🙂

This was done using water and marbling paint.

Scan 6

I decided to redraw the illustration for Lovers and Strangers because I felt that a softer image of both characters would fit the book perfectly.

Scan 12 Scan 10

Zine (Research)

For this last project I decided to do an entirely new piece because I felt that I wanted to explore more ideas. Inspired by my previous ‘Depression‘ (click to view OSS post about it) piece from my Point of View project, I decided to do on imaginary lines. This topic was something I suddenly thought about and was really excited to start executing it, so I decided to look up Pinterest to get more visual ideas.



Why I decided to search for a picture of a crowded street was because I was reminded of the ‘6 degree of separation’ theory where it explained that everyone on earth are connection/related through just six steps.



This is another theory that originated from the Chinese: two people that are destined for each other are connected by an invisible red string, and that no matter how much they go through they will eventually find each other because of this connection between them.