Interactive Environments & Experience Design: Response

Coming from an Electrical Engineering background in my previous polytechnic, Timothy Nohe’s presentation was really an eye opening experience for me. Never have I thought that engineering and art could come together hand in hand to create an interactive experience in which audience of all ages could appreciate.

Back in my polytechnic, whenever we work with waves, it was in a serious and dull environment, where we had to identify and observe different types of waves. It was interesting how it was possible to turn something so mundane into art which is enjoyable and participative. The audience do not need to know about waves and the different types of input to play with the waves. It was such a spontaneous activity and that was what attracted me.

It also gave me a new perspective of art. Much like the previous exhibitions that we went in the Art Science Museum, these kinds of interactive art seem so innocent and childlike, and it really proved that it was such a good user experience as it managed to reach to a wide range of audience. The young and old could experience it, and you don’t have to know about the technicalities or knowledge behind it to appreciate the art. This is what I really appreciate and like about Electron Drawing – Visual Music.