Week 1 – Journal

Hi, Darren here. So, I took the test and here are the results.

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 12.12.55 PM


For the definition:

  1. Interpersonal – People Smart

You may be people smart. You will like to mix with other people and you will belong to lots of clubs. You like team games and are good at sharing. This is sometimes called being Interpersonal smart

2.  Visual/Spatial learner

You may be picture smart. You will be good at art and also good at other activities where you look at pictures like map reading, finding your way out of mazes and graphs. This is sometimes called being Visual/Spatial smart.

3.  Kinaesthetic

You may be body smart. You will enjoy sports and are good at swimming, athletics, gymnastics and other sports. This is sometimes called being Kinaesthetic smart.

4.  Interpersonal – Myself Smart

You may be myself smart. You will know about yourself and your strengths and weaknesses. You will probably keep a diary. This is sometimes called being Intrapersonal smart.


By order, in which according to the chart:

  1. Interpersonal – People Smart
  2. Visual/Spatial learner
  3. Kinaesthetic and Interpersonal – Myself Smart

Hence, I would say that I am more of a Visual learner still. Since my secondary school days till now, I relied heavily on jotting down notes and drawing mind maps/images to make me memorise things better. Its like “Photographic Memory” whereby i just have to memorise certain images of the page and the context will come out naturally.

I also believed in team work. Mixing around with people so as to learn how and why they do certain things. That way, I will be able to learn from them and correct things that I did wrong. Its like “People Watching”. From the way they talk and express themselves, I will be able to somewhat guess what is going through their mind and how they react to certain things.

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