Month: April 2016

4D Project Sheng-Si

  4D PROPOSAL *Please note Proposal for all 6 of us are similar =)* Scroll down for more individual tasking and reflection. Introduction Background info about us/our project Programme Purpose/Objective The main purpose of this installation is to allow participants the chance to take a step back to evaluate their lives so far. The installation aims to evoke recognition of… Read more →

4D Final – Artist Statement

Sheng-Si (生死) is an installation art that question the audience about life and death through a series of events that happens from a point of view of a child towards a young adult. The exhibition consists of 3 different screens with video projections, objects, sounds and stage performers. Through the usage of abstract representation of using ink drop to represent… Read more →

2D Final Project III

Congrats everyone! we have reached the final project submission for 2D!! Thanks everyone for all the helpful comments and I wish you guys the best of luck for your upcoming major! =)   To kick start this post, lets start by giving a brief introduction to my zine book. I named it “Evolution” because its an expansion of the previous… Read more →

Team Shingaporu Final Project

Hi Everyone! We are team Shingaporu and for this project, we are working on a landscape digital painting as part of the celebration for Singapore and Japan to commemorate the 50th anniversary which is happening right here right now.   Claim Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Japan-Singapore diplomatic relationship. That is the reason why we combine Japanese traditional aspect (folded screen)… Read more →

Final Project Proposal

Team: Ho Jian Hunt, Feliciana, Sarah and Isabella Topic: Nihonga Japanese Screen Painting Chosen Artifact Four Seasons with Sun and Moon, as seen in the National Museum of Singapore. Visual Analysis Both screens have subject matters of nature and landscape: trees in different seasons, hills and valleys ‘framing’ the trees, grass, flowers. Golden frame. Each screen is divided into 2 ‘scenery’. First… Read more →

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