4D Fdn II: Visualisation for expanded cinema

Are we living our life to the fullest or are we living in regrets?


For this Final project, we will be touching on human’s emotions and feelings and how they response towards a fast paced society. What will happened when your life has ended in a flash and you are living in regrets for not doing your best or trying things you have never ever done before.

  • Using sounds ( e.g., heartbeat, bells, ) for the audience to listen and realised the super jarring and suffocating voices in the background
  • Using less literal forms of video to express our idea so the audience can have a deeper thoughts about the video
  • Using fragments of memories footage to tell the different stages in life
  • Using water and ink to show the different aspects in life


For the 1st room:

Untitled-1 Untitled-1 copy


  • Settings: Bright Room
  • 3 different projectors screening. We will be segregating different walls by using black cloth
  • A water tank to drop ink into
  • Each screen consist of 3 different aspects of life. ( Different coloured ink drop into it)
  • After the 3 screens has ended and the water tank turns complete black, we will start dropping multiple inks into┬áthe water and 1 sec cuts of different fast paced activities in life followed by a white screen

For the 2nd room:

  • Untitled-1 coaapySettings: Dark Room
  • 1 projector
  • Draining out the water tank to show that a person’s life is ending
  • A moth to probably represent death in the Chinese belief will be shown on the projector
  • On the ground can be a tub to show the remains of the water


After the audience exit the room, we hoped that they can get to fill in a piece of paper and write down what is their regrets in life right now and hoping to correct it as soon as possible. =)

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