Elman x Media Art Nexus Concept Presentation

Team: Darren x Jo 😉


Link to our presentation slides:



1st Idea: 


Life on a Loop


  • Routine lifestyle
  • Depression, anxiety and existential crisis
  • Life offers no purpose
  • Stuck in a routine but not having the energy to get out of it
  • Minimalist music
  • Linear line illustration
  • Tunnel loop with person’s silhouette in the middle
  • Everyday is the same loop with almost unoticable changes
    • Going to work, going to school, having the same morning coffee routine
  • Undesirable changes represented through glitches or haphazardness


Case Study:


  • Created by audio-visual studio Playmodes
  • Specialise in interactive installations and video mapping
  • 35M immersive tunnel as a container of light and sound
  • Explores the relationship between space, time and perception
  • Plays with visual and audio perspectives
  • Visible vanishing points and accompanying sound creates the illusion of a massive scale and endless depth
  • Creates the feeling of travel without moving






Video References:






  • Programmes used: After effects, illustrator
  • Using 3D camera to create depth of field in after effects




2nd Idea:


Music x Body


  • How music affects our body and brain towards different genres of music.
    • heartbeat (particularly attuned to sound and music.)
    • pulse rate
    • blood pressure
  • Variety of changes in blood flow depending on the intensity of the music
  • Heart rate responds to musical variables such as frequency, tempo, and volume and tends to speed up or slow down to match the rhythm of a sound.
  • The faster the music, the faster the heart will beat the slower the music, the slower the heart beats, all within a moderate range.


Video References:









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