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Sadly enough, after the presentation, we decided to rethink our project.

Looking at the storyboard and our progress so far, we felt restricted by the subject matter and by the style that we had chosen.

We decided to work with our strengths in illustration and motion graphics and tried rethinking the direction of our project. We concluded that it would be better to re-start the project.

We still wanted to base our video on how our body reacts to music. Instead of illustrating the body’s physical and biological reaction, we decided to look at the way we ‘feel’ when listening to music – how our emotions change and has its ups and downs (i.e. excitement, sadness, happiness, agitation, etc).

We remembered the term “Roller coaster of emotions” and felt like it was an apt description of the way we experience music.



Different genres of music will be represented in the form of different landscapes that our roller coaster travels through. The ups and downs and obstacles present in the roller coaster ride will correspond to the highs and lows and beats of the music. For example, jazz music would be represented as a slower, scenic outdoor roller coaster while EDM music will be represented as a more haphazard and obstacle filled landscape.




monument valley game - Buscar con Google



KAGADATO selection. The best in the world. Game design. **************************************Monument Valley in-game screenshot #cg   5 | Mind-Bending iPad App Channels M.C. Escher | Co.Design | business + design





Layout test in illustrator 







1st Video tryout


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