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2D Final Project III

Congrats everyone! we have reached the final project submission for 2D!! Thanks everyone for all the helpful comments and I wish you guys the best of luck for your upcoming major! =)   To kick start this post, lets start by giving a brief introduction to my zine book. I named it “Evolution” because its an expansion of the previous… Read more →

2D Assignment II – POV Final

Good day everyone! So this is my final post for assignment II and through this post, I will be showing you guys my thought process and the ideas derived towards my final outcome. Final Outcome My chosen word is “Madness” and I guessed Madness to everyone means crazy or mentally ill, but it can be interpreted in a positive manner rather then… Read more →

2D Assignment Final Submission

Hi guys, first of all, I would like to congratulate everyone for finishing our first 2D assignment!!! Well done ppl!!! Thanks a lot for all your advices and critiques, will definitely learn and improve from there.   To recap, my 4 chosen attributes are as follows:   1.My surname Ho in Chinese (何). Reason behind is because I come from a… Read more →

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