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4D Project Sheng-Si

  4D PROPOSAL *Please note Proposal for all 6 of us are similar =)* Scroll down for more individual tasking and reflection. Introduction Background info about us/our project Programme Purpose/Objective The main purpose of this installation is to allow participants the chance to take a step back to evaluate their lives so far. The installation aims to evoke recognition of… Read more →

4D Final – Artist Statement

Sheng-Si (生死) is an installation art that question the audience about life and death through a series of events that happens from a point of view of a child towards a young adult. The exhibition consists of 3 different screens with video projections, objects, sounds and stage performers. Through the usage of abstract representation of using ink drop to represent… Read more →

4D Assignment 2 – Sound and Image

1st Story   Title: Guns and Roses Genre: Action/Crime Location: Hong Kong Brothel Summary: Set in one of the famous Hong Kong Brothel, Officer Wing-Yeung pursues a dastardly drug lord. Audio track:   Planning Stage   Intro (Day) Brothel – sexy music in the background ( To establish the idea of a brothel to the audience ) female moaning and groaning… Read more →

4D – Alter Egos

Hi everyone, Darren here. For this assignment, I started off by thinking of my own personal characteristic traits, followed by further planning and researching. Listed down below are the list of attributes that I can relate myself as. Outgoing nature – Friendly and love meeting new people. Diligent – Work hard and play hard, though at times, I love to procrastinate.… Read more →

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