Month: September 2017

Device of the week #2: Circular Breathing (2003) by Scott Snibbe

Circular Breathing is a personal breath recorder. While breathing and blowing into the mouthpiece, the viewer records a breath pattern. After letting go of the button, the breath pattern plays back indefinitely, looping from start to finish. The piece turns the circular process of breathing into a circular recording. With practice, viewers can create seamless air loops that mimic the… Read more →

OBS Experience

Facebook Live Video What is playing? When I am streaming using OBS, I was doing some research with a food and travel youtube channel playing. This is a normal routine when I do work. I am quite used to listening to some talking and background noise when doing work. It some how creates an environment that allows me to immerse… Read more →

Device of the week #1: Joseph Griffith’s bicycle drawing machine

Joseph Griffith’s bicycle drawing machine Materials: Felt-tip markers, exercise equipment, bicycle wheels, steel, aluminium, rope, rubber, timber, plastic, cement, found materials. 2009 Melbourne Fashion Festival PENTHOUSE MOUSE The Capitol – Toorak Rd. South Yarra Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia The project consists of a stationary bike, which when pedalled by a user becomes a tool for drawing on a canvas. the spinning… Read more →

Typebot: Bao and Issac

    The process The above is our initial acrylic arm that join the main motor and the finger motor. When making this, we realise that the hole were too small and we decided to drill it into a M2 hole. This arm was also too short and we did a 3D printed version later to blend with the black… Read more →

BOLD3RRR Reflection

  Bold3RRR by Jon Cates is a eye opening piece for me. With the use of glitches, Bold3RRR was able to evoke a wide range of emotions. Using some computer generated and processed sounds, Bold3RRR was able to let me have a glimpse into a dystopian world. The narration with the frequent glitchy sounds in the background helps to bring the entire piece… Read more →

Adobe Connect

This is actually the first time I actually have a class at home which includes a ‘many to many’ interaction. Under normal circumstances, the lecturer would be the ‘main performer’ on a online class. But this is very different. Everyone in class gets to participate and interact with each other with little or no lag time. It feels really different… Read more →

“Welcome to Electronic Café International” Research reading

Welcome to Electronic Café International is a remarkable read as it truly shows communicating through the “third space” lets people feel the core of this project, warmth and closeness. Hole in Space by Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowit has created a portal of spontaneously and was able to capture the essence of using the electronics for interaction bringing people from miles… Read more →

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