Month: October 2017

Critique on Second Front’s interview

I found the overall experience of the interview fascinating as I am able to see the people behind the characters from Second Front. I enjoyed the interview as the interviewee of the panels were in different places of the world. It was like looking at a representative of each country getting interviewed by Randall. As we know that Second Front… Read more →

Final Project Rehearsal

Posted by Songyu Bao on Tuesday, 24 October 2017 We did a run for this project rehearsal. We focus on the technical aspect of handling our phones as well as the flow of our content. During our meeting, we decided to use a few different concepts to broadcast. One of the most tricky parts was the passing of the phones… Read more →

Research Critique on A LEAP INTO THE VOID: INTERVIEW WITH SECOND FRONT, by Domenico Quaranta

After reading the interview for SECONDFRONT, I totally agree with MAN MICHINAGA view’s on the performance he did with the group. He mentioned that Second Front gave him the opportunity to perform tasks that cannot be done in the physical world. I could relate to that as it is quite often many people escapes to this third ‘room’ located in their computer to… Read more →

Co-broadcasting Experience

sch assignment Posted by Songyu Bao on Tuesday, 17 October 2017 Posted by Songyu Bao on Thursday, 12 October 2017 After doing two live broadcasting using co-broadcasting function, I felt that it can be used for interactions amongst a pair. However, I think in a group of four, it is very hard to achieve a smooth communication amongst all four… Read more →

HyperEssay: Jennicam

After reading more about what Jennicam is, I could associate more with the lesson on ‘give up your data’. In Jennicam, Jennifer Ringley broadcast almost all of her private life worldwide. Jenni has a very different mentality with comparison to her friends. The main reason is that she doesn’t mind being watch. Put it in other terms, it also means that… Read more →

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