Research Critique on A LEAP INTO THE VOID: INTERVIEW WITH SECOND FRONT, by Domenico Quaranta

After reading the interview for SECONDFRONT, I totally agree with MAN MICHINAGA view’s on the performance he did with the group. He mentioned that Second Front gave him the opportunity to perform tasks that cannot be done in the physical world. I could relate to that as it is quite often many people escapes to this third ‘room’ located in their computer to experience things they can’t do in the real life. Games and social media platforms are frequently the ‘places’ many would visit when they are stressed or just want somewhere to take their minds off. Another point that I found interesting was GREAT ESCAPE’s response to the question about venue. He mentioned that he would prefer an art venue as it would be interesting to see Second Life in a physical space. In my opinion, it is quite ironic to see the action of playing a game in a virtual sett being displayed and then being projected back into the reality. Maybe this concept of having able to blur the lines of reality and virtual is one of the ways they could reach out to more audience.


Environment of second life

The Grand Theft Avatar video was really hilarious. It feels like I am an eye witness observing a crime taking place. From the angles it was shot, I feel as though the robbers invite me into the ‘gang’ and gave me an account of  what they are doing when they are conducting a heist. After the heist, the robbers got back into their helicopter and throw the money out of the window, which is just hysterical and ridiculous.


In conclusion, I felt that SECONDFRONT and Grand Theft Avatar brings out the essence of having interactions in the virtual space. Changing clothes instantaneously, talking to a friend with the chat of the game (although both of you are in a different location) and breaking the law without any consequences in reality, all be done only in the a virtual environment.


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