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This is actually the first time I actually have a class at home which includes a ‘many to many’ interaction. Under normal circumstances, the lecturer would be the ‘main performer’ on a online class. But this is very different. Everyone in class gets to participate and interact with each other with little or no lag time. It feels really different to be the observer and the observed at the same time.

One thing I like the most of Adobe connect is having able to post in the common chat box is like a mini forum. I like the idea that we are all physically at home but virtually in class. This is a one of a kind experience. I hope to have more classes like this in the future as it helps me to learn in a comfortable way without having thoughts such as what time will I get home? How is the traffic today (before and after the class)?

Overall, the experience was memorable as it shows the interactivity of Adobe connect. I especially like the part where we get to cooperate with each other to make interesting actions over the screen.


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