Lore 1 : Background Story

Lore: Background Stories

The game is set in 2040 and the world is short of resources. Government of all countries has fallen. Plentiful groups of scavengers had set out to find food, water and shelter. People consumed too much GMO (Genetically modified organisms) foods which cause 50% of the world population to have unique powers. It is believed that in 2050, all humans will have some sort of unique powers. Because of oil, countries started to have war and thus the many ruins of cities still remains.beacon

Mutated humans in this world has special powers that help them survive. There powers that changes metabolism rate which allows users to not eat and drink half a year and still survive. There are powers that grants invisibility which allows users steal canned food from abandoned supermarkets or other camps.

The objective

Create a time portal and travel back to 1935 and prevent a Russian scientist Doctor Andrei who started the first GMO experiment. Prevent him to conduct any experiments by killing him.



Provide a backstory for your Character! Where is he/she from? Did he/she have some accident? What is his/her Motive? Did he/she have any secrets (PM me the secrets)? And describe what weapon she/he will be holding and what clothing?

And tell me what your character’s special ability is. The special abilities can only affect your own character and not the environment. Abilities such as mind control or time travel is prohibited. This do play a part in the game. You will have 2 special abilities.



Instead of 8 point, you have 15points to put into any 3 stats below


– Affects how you interact with objects and environment

– Affects much damage you can take


–  Increase chance to dodge

– Affects how fast to move through obstacles


– Affects your special abilities

– Affects how fast you learn to build new things



Name: Jason Bowstein

Gender: M

Stats: 3/5/7 (Str/Agi/Int)

Special Power: Teleport and turn himself into water

Profession: Mathematician

Backstory: Jason is 25 years old. Born in London, he had higher education in Cambridge. He lost his three sons and wife during war (his parents too). He was the only one who survived using his mutated powers. His wife had healing powers but the collapse of a skyscraper was too much for her powers. From young he was trained in Mathematics. He is now a lone wolf who is finding a team to go back into the past to change human history.

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