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Device of the week #4: Roly Poly By NUS (2008)

I found this device when I am just surfing on youtube finding projects for robotics. This project is done by design incubation centre in National University of Singapore (NUS). The project started with a question: Would I feel the physical presence of my close ones? While the internet provides a platform for text messaging and video calling, Roly Poly aims to… Read more →

Device of the week #2: Circular Breathing (2003) by Scott Snibbe

Circular Breathing is a personal breath recorder. While breathing and blowing into the mouthpiece, the viewer records a breath pattern. After letting go of the button, the breath pattern plays back indefinitely, looping from start to finish. The piece turns the circular process of breathing into a circular recording. With practice, viewers can create seamless air loops that mimic the… Read more →

Device of the week #1: Joseph Griffith’s bicycle drawing machine

Joseph Griffith’s bicycle drawing machine Materials: Felt-tip markers, exercise equipment, bicycle wheels, steel, aluminium, rope, rubber, timber, plastic, cement, found materials. 2009 Melbourne Fashion Festival PENTHOUSE MOUSE The Capitol – Toorak Rd. South Yarra Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia The project consists of a stationary bike, which when pedalled by a user becomes a tool for drawing on a canvas. the spinning… Read more →

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