Critique on Second Front’s interview

I found the overall experience of the interview fascinating as I am able to see the people behind the characters from Second Front. I enjoyed the interview as the interviewee of the panels were in different places of the world. It was like looking at a representative of each country getting interviewed by Randall. As we know that Second Front is pretty well known, having to join this interview gave me the feeling of meeting a very famous person except I am not familiar with them. I could feel that everyone on the panel were really passionate about the performance they were recognised for.

During the interview, I enjoyed their answers to the question about Second Front’s approach to theatre and performance. I was intrigued by Bibbe Hanson’s view on not rehearsing the performance to bring out the authenticity of a performance. She mentioned that  she enjoy doing non rehearsed performance as they are more genuine in the sense that all the actions and reactions from their characters are not scripted. This means that the ‘actors’ in the performances can integrate their feelings and personal touch into the performance which would makes it more dynamic. I guess this is also why their audiences too, wants to watch live performances that are non scripted. With the element of surprise, anything could happen, and that makes their performance interesting. After knowing them a little more, I was wondering if they are willing to try to have a live performance in other platforms or games such as Habo hotel?

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