Cross Stream Broadcast Test (with Zifeng A.K.A Wind)

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Zifeng(Wind) and I decided to create a stack of layers ranging from normal to top the top drunk level. The level of drunkenness will increase when the first person opens a door and walk through it. We hope to create an environment whereby we audience could experience the drunkenness of the visuals and through the use of music, we will be able to help them get to a ‘drunk wonderland’. There are a few tiers to the idea. The higher the tier, the more drunk effects will get.

This is Tier 1 where everything seems to be normal. We took out the audio to let the audience get use to the effects that we are using. We also feel that life without abit of alcohol to spice things up will be quite boring, thus, the muting of audio. We want to put the focus on the person walking around and not the person at the laptop, so we decreased the opacity of the person at the desk.

After the person walking goes through a door, the visuals will go to Tier 2 of drunkenness. In Tier 2, the walking person’s stream will be overlaid on top of background visuals. There will also be music playing. At Tier 2, the music will be less ‘messy’ and it was rather calm. we hope to portray the idea of a person drinking and has reached the level of a relaxed state. The state of comfort and is also a good idea to stop drinking to enjoy the level of relaxation it brings to that person.

In Tier 3, we want to portray the idea of a person who has drunk over the level of relaxation. Things starts to get dizzy and their environment starts to distort, reality starts to change and sounds they hear will be amplified. In Tier 3, we use a swirl filter to give the overall effect a much needed ‘dizziness’.

In Tier 4, things starts to get pretty loud, the environment we want to create is more vibrant and music/sounds are getting more bizarre. There will also be more images of the person controlling the laptop much like the visual presentation of being extremely drunk.

In Tier 5, everything is amplified. There will be effects of mirrored image, crazy music/sounds and we could barely see the walking person’s live stream. Even if he starts to lay down along the corridors, we will not be able to see him, just like how he will not be able to see us. Tier 5 is also the ultimate level of drunkenness which in reality, the person walking could not feel the connection to reality any more.

Technical issues

There was very few technical issues we faced as there is only 7 seconds of lag time and we were in a room with very few people sharing the bandwidth with us. We have about 7 seconds of delay which does not post a huge threat on the concept of our live broadcast. Our main problems lies with the construction of how OBS will look and what our audience will see. We took a immense amount of time just to get all the backgrounds videos edited, sound edited and the placement of the laptop person’s screen.


I felt really satisfied with the technical video test as the concept and programs were able to run according to plan. I really like the video as it is very engaging with vibrant colours and sounds. Apart from having the video broadcasting tier 1 (which has no sound), I like the spontaneity of the rest of the video. Overall, this test was a good gauge how fast we should walk on the actual day and how much ‘drunkenness’ we need to be to bring the concept across.

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