Robotics Project Update #2: Sketch

Build Sketches

My idea is to make a robotic version of a tall boy, the inflatable. As my project requires a series of studies on the movement of the interactions between the springs and the motor, I decided to have 3 prototype to experiment with the visual movements of each the the individual set up.


The Left (Teal)

In this set up, there is only interaction with the base of the spring set up. There will be a motor pulling the base of the entire set up and the spring beside the motors will push it back up when the motors releases and the arm goes back to its original position.

The Middle (Red)

In this set up, the spring set up will be anchored to 3 different pulley strings. Each string is then linked to a motor which will pull the entire spring set up down and create a curled up form.

The Right (Blue)

In this set up, there will be strings passing through the springs in the spring set up. I am really not sure about this one but I have a feeling this wouldn’t work. But I will have to test it to find out!

Here are some of the Springs I bought. I bought a 100 of them in total.


They are all about 2cm x 2cm x 2cm. I will be using some 3D printed design to hold them all together.



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