HyperEssay: Jennicam

After reading more about what Jennicam is, I could associate more with the lesson on ‘give up your data’. In Jennicam, Jennifer Ringley broadcast almost all of her private life worldwide. Jenni has a very different mentality with comparison to her friends. The main reason is that she doesn’t mind being watch. Put it in other terms, it also means that she doesn’t mind having her data stolen, she just felt that she was being herself and there is nothing to be afraid of.


“I keep JenniCam alive not because I want to be watched, but because I simply don’t mind being watched.” – Jennifer Ringley



After reading some of the interviews she had done, I was thinking if revealing too much data is going to trigger people around you to move away from you. In one of her stories she mentions that when she and her first boyfriend started kissing, the site went down due to overloading and once he realizes that just kissing has overloaded the site, he didn’t come back into her room again. No one wanted to be on it. I think that from this example alone, we could see that people in general mind being watch. Similar to our first live broadcast, everyone in class were very uneasy that they have to do it. People who use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram shares snippets of their life to the whole world, but why are they not worried about giving up too much of their data? I think the intensity of giving up your data is a major factor.

In conclusion, I think that giving up the amount of your data is really up to your choice. For myself, I only use Facebook to look at memes. No twitter. No Instagram. No Snapchat. It all depends on how an individual wants in their life and how they want to live it.


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