Lore 7: Entertainment

Entertainment for Beacon Network:

The members of Beacon are mostly watching a 3D projection of events that happened to Beacon and also the history of Beacon. Although the technology is not clear in showing the contents but the rough idea of what is happening can still be interpreted. It is believed that Lady Aspen used these Broadcasting channels to brainwash her members into believing that Beacon Network is a committee that is doing good to the society and the world. Other entertainment includes dancing and singing within individual districts during both the day and night.

Entertainment for Alchemists:Timberline_Falls_loading_screen

Each alchemist have their own speciality. And all Alchemists are encouraged to travel individual or as a pair and not recommended to travel in groups. Travelling is entertainment for the Alchemists. Though they carry little necessities in their packs, all that they need can be contained within that pack.

Entertainment for Forged:slave_concept_art_by_kovah-d973ft2

Forged is a rather disorganised community. Having to rob and pillage all their life, they turn to drugs such as purple salt and radial dust for pleasure. These drugs are made using grind waste products of the lands and are merely purified. Forged also has gambling dens and trades slaves who are also prisoners of capture.

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