Lore 2: Vegetation/ Food and water/ Currency

Year 2047 (85% of population has unique powers)


In a world ravaged by GMO mutation, clean water is a rare commodity as distillation plants have no operators and water is polluted with dead bodies. To keep yourself hydrated, you must purify sewage/ river water using a pill called the Void pill. When the Void pill comes in contact with the dirty water, it distils the water which separates the water and the residue. However, the water has to be consumed immediately, if not the separation will slowly turn back into mixture again.

Another way to get clean water or the Void pill is go to outpost camps called Beacon. Beacon is a network set up by different countries. The main goal of Beacon is to send volunteers back into the past to kill Doctor Andrei. However, none have succeeded until today.

Food/ Vegetation

People living in Beacons have small yards of plantations which grows different plants. Due to the infertility of the soil and the contamination of GMO chemicals, plants rarely grow. Thus, people use Void powder to duplicate food.

Void pills/ powder

To obtain void pill/ powder, you have to use Void shards and approach the Beacon camps to exchange for pill and powders. The quantity of pills and powder depends on the size of the shards.

Void Shards (currency)

Voids shards can be found in organic remains all around the world. The bigger the shard the higher the value. Void shards comes in different colours, only purple one can be used for exchange.

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