Museum of Marine Life 2119 – Update FIVE

This post is to make preparations for mid semester presentation as well as to pin down my overall concept

What is my overall concept?

To recreate a series of sculptures of marine creatures that are extinct due to Anthropocene

Purpose Of This Project

Create conversations on Anthropocene


Step One: Surveying – Surveying people to get their “hear say”

(Acts as information passed down from now till 100 years later)


Step Two: Compiling – Categorised into Physical appearance, Movement, Behaviour and Information


Step Three: Genesis (Focus of the project) – Frame work to generate the creature


Step Four : Constructing (Focus of the project)

Critical analysis

Why Works By Bob Potts

  • Movements in nature are created mechanically
  • Able to reference some of the mechanics he use to make my sculptures

Title: Ascension

Title:  Cosmographic Voyage


Title: Pursuit 2

Title: Denizen of the Deep

Why Works By U-Ram Choe

  • Sculptures look alive
  • Material and mechanics reference for the behaviour

Title: Opertus Lunula Umbra


Title: Urbanus Female

Title: Custos Cavum

Title: Ala Aureus 2017


By the end of November 2018| Finish all mock-ups of all creatures that I am constructing (6-8 creatures)

By the end of February 2019 | Finish all kinetic sculptures ( plug and play ready )

By the end of March 2019 | Finish illustrations of each creature and planning of space

End of March 2019 till FYP show| Finish building the museum/space

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