Museum of Marine Life 2119 – Update TWO

Recap of concept

My idea revolves around a marine biologist (Dr. ) who lives in the year 2119 where all marine creatures are extinct due to an array of pollutions(caused by humans). To educate his people, he wants to build a collection of animated marine creatures sculptures. The surveys in my project acts as a kind of ‘hear say’ from the people of his time. These ‘hear says’ will then be a reference library for him to create the kinetic sculptures.

Goal of project

To create conversation on the effects of human development (pollution) and how it affects future environments.

Message of project

Once nature is destroyed, there is no way to describe how it exists. (for example, a maple leaf. If I were to give a person 100 sentence to describe that leaf and I made a sculpture according to those descriptions given, it is impossible to make a maple leaf, it might resemble a maple leaf but it will never BE a maple leaf.) I want to give the impression that nature is impossible to rebuild, even its image.

Milestones (What I have done so far)

Collected more than 200 surveys and finally have some creatures to create. Currently two are awaiting to be made. While four/five more are on its way to hit 20 survey counts (I will start conceptualising only if the creature hits 20 counts in the survey). Creating a tabulation of the results:


Compiled data of creatures with 20 counts of the survey (dolphins, corals and sea turtles look like the next)

Physical appearance
Head features
4 They have teeth
6 Have distinctive grey, white and black markings and a short snout, they are mostly recognised by their
round dorsal fins
14 Dolphins have eyes on the sides of their heads, and the head is connected to the body, with no neck
15 On the top of the head is an air hole
40 Its eyes are surrounded by a black mask
50 They are really cute
51 The have a somewhat slim body
63 They have teeth, but usually don’t bite and are friendly towards humans.
67 They blow water out of the holes on their head
71 They have elongated snouts and rounded heads
77 Long mouth
85 Blunt teeth, not meant for preveing food
93 Conical teeth
95 Has blowhole

Body features
7 They have solidly built bodies with gently sloping snouts and a unique rounded dorsal fins
11 About 2 to 9 m long, silvery, shiny skin
12 A torpedo like body, with fins on the siders near head (about a quarter along the length) and a fin on
the back near the middle
13 The dolphins have a tail that splits into two fins like at the back of an airplane, the head is a dome,
with a beak like protrusion for the mouth
29 Smooth rubbery skin
30 Two flippers on their side, also triangular fins on the back
33 Has a fusiform and robust body
34 This snout is short but thick and its dorsal fin which is located in the centre of the dorsal area, is big and curved
62 Most dolphins are grey, and their body is arched, complete with a pointed snout, a fin on the top, one flipper on each side and a mermaid like tail
83 Strong tail fins which helps it guide through water
91 Range in size from 5.6ft to 31ft long
92 Torpedo shaped body

27 They have two eyes, nose, a blow hole, mouth, fins and tail
35 Its kin is dark gray in the dorsum, a bit light gray in the sides and light gray in the ventral regions
which sometimes is whitish
37 Dolphins have a fin on its back, one on the side each and a tail, they also have a breathing hole at the
top of their head
38 Hector’s dolphin is the smallest of dolphins
39 The overall appearance is pale grey with distinct white patches on its underbelly
52 They have a tail
54 Dolphins have smooth, rubbery skin and are usually covered in some mixture of black, white and gray
68 They have smooth rubbery skin
75 Shiny silky skin textured
76 Grey and sleek
84 Smooth skin
97 Smooth skin
100 Grey color

Started some modelling for prototyping

Did another one as the first one is too ‘safe’. For this model, it will be around 80-90cm long and 50cm wide.

Top of the creature

Bottom of the creature



Turning it mechanically

Currently, I am working on animating the creatures. For example, the dolphin, I will let it release smoke from the ‘blow hole’ periodically. So now, I am learning to make a mini smoke machine. I bought all the parts already. Once I build the machine, I will print the physical form of the dolphin and fit this smoke machine in. As this creature will kind of work as a turntable, I will be making a box that allows users to mechanically turn the dolphin to view it fully.

Major issues
My goal for this project is to learn as many effects/animations that can be done mechanically. Also means that from buying materials to making, there might not be guides to teach me how to make that effect. Mechanical parts takes time to design which means I might be making 1 sculpture in 3 weeks(stackable). One week for conceptualising, one week for purchasing, one week for assembling and building.
Skills you need to acquire
More Arduino coding
Spray painting skills
More mechanical knowledge
Time line
Now till End of November:
Finish four to five creatures, with most functions (some may be static but with different variations)
Doing more surveys along the way (trying to get 10 creatures first)
December to start of January :
Finish one more creature
Box them for plug and play function
Grahpics for completed creatures
January till End of March: 
Finish another three to four creatures, with most functions (some may be static but with different variations)

Cost incurred (I will finish every post with this section to keep tabs on how much money per creature)
Creature one:
3D Printing cost – $20
Mini fan + wires + Glycerine – $20

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