Project 3: Zine


I decide to do a compilation of all the 3 styles I enjoyed drawing in the entire duration in Year 1. As most of my styles are drawn in pen, I wanted the concept to be really simple, probably something that is printed on brown paper. Brown paper is seen as ‘rough’ in my point of view and in contrast, my drawings are usually precision based. Thus, this will help to create contrast between my drawings and the paper which would make my drawings stand out from the brown back ground.

Below are some of examples of my general concepts:

(Downloaded 4 November 2009) Sam Morrison, a 38-year-old prepress technician from Vicksburg, sells brown paper lunch bags with unique and creative designs. (Courtesy of Sam Morrison.) Max uncropped width: 51p9

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For the cover page I want to keep it simple and minimal. Most of my art styles are inspired by steam punk elements, thus, having a steam punk illustration would bring out the steam punk feel. Together with the brown paper, the cover would bring out a hand drawn feel to the entire compilation.


Page 1 and 2


This is the second and third page of my Zine. I use a 3 column grid to align my content. On the left is an artwork from the typographic portrait. I chose this artwork as my favourite as the process of drawing it was really enjoyable and with the high contrast, it brings out the liquidity of the elements within the artwork. On the right is what I have learnt from all the projects. For this mock-up of my Zine, I realised that the leading between my content was too narrow, thus, the content was too dense for reading.

Page 3 and 4


This spread talks about the different effects that I like about the filter functions in Photoshop. I helps me to create effects that pen drawings were not able to achieve. The artwork chosen for this spread is from the point of view project (title: Mask in the point of view of war is peace). I added this style of drawing into my favourite styles as it is one of the first styles I use mix medium to create different effects out of the same drawing.

page 5 and 6


The illustration on the right is one of my three favourite styles. Although this style is really time consuming, the effects of the final work makes up for all the patience invested. This illustration was another view when the whole illustration is turned, thus, only for this page, I need to bear in mind that I need to have crop marks and bleed when printing.

Back page


I wanted to keep this page simple thus, I only used a illustration and a phrase from Rene Descartes. ‘I think, therefore I am’ is a phrase that I use very often when encountering into any obstacles.


I Feel Therefore I Exist.

It is within my imagination,
my insights and my words:
Which creates my thoughts,
Which creates my emotions,
Which then creates my actions,
Which then creates my reactions,
Which then creates my behaviours,
Which then creates my own outcomes,
Which creates a circle right back to me,
Which is the mirror of my original thoughts.
I am the Creator of my own universe.
A Microcosm for certain, but
I create everything behind
this imaginary curtain.
I create the Peace, or
I create Drama.
I am the

I Think Therefore I Am

Final outcome:

Cover Page


Page 12

page 23

page 34

page 45

page 56

page 67

Back page


The following are the printed versions of My Zine!




page 1 and 294BACE119812A9D41FDD1C0288BD044E

page 3 and 4

page 5 and 6E244441364A3EFCD58DC3F67CC14C284

back coverB73E4DCC5272B4AB5AEA7E448E2786E7




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