Reflection on Designing for the Digital Age by Kim Goodwin

 Designing for the Digital Age by Kim Goodwin, it gives a clearer view on how to effectively design a method/framework for any creators (artist/designers) to pursue their objective for the end goal of their project.

The main idea I felt was extremely helpful is Goodwin’s concept of Goal-Directed Design. As a Goal-Directed Design can maximise the efficiency of a team. Goal-Directed Design is not a fixed set of rules but a suggestive framework for creators to generate design solutions without having to worry about not meeting their objective. One phrase that intrigues me is:

In order for design to be design and not art, it must serve human needs and goals

This phrase draws a line between designers and artists. It shows also Goodwin’s understanding of design and functionality versus pure aesthetic and conceptual projects.  ‘Goal-Directed Design’ is an approach originally designed and developed at Cooper’s. In this approach, creators set an end goal at the beginning of the project by creating scenarios that could potentially be a stepping stone for a good product. With these goals, creators can explore different solutions to achieve the goals. With this in mind, not all projects have to follow his framework to be a good project. Some great design or art is created in unexpected places with unexpected inspiration. For example, with regards to exploration based projects, does Goal-Directed Design really help? And if we were to use the Goal Directed Design for these projects, till what stage is the end product considered done?

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