Reflection on four naughty concepts in need of discipline

From reading Eric Zimmerman’s essay, I think that he had categorised interaction or interactivity into a framework that has certain rules to guide us into which category an interaction is. The 4 modes of interactivity can be used as a guideline to streamline our projects. I feel that these 4 modes can be used as a framework for students to achieve what their project want to achieve in the interactivity aspect. During our project, some of us may get blurry on what we want to achieve, thus, having this as framework can bounds different concepts of interactivity allows us to have somewhat of a clearer guide line of which interaction is under what kind of category and should have what kind of interaction as an expectation.

After reading the essay, I found a very interesting point of view of chess. The article states that a game of chess has narratives as well which to me was a new concept. From something that is so technical and competitive, it can be considered a narrative. Another concept that I found interesting was that there should be more game elements in narratives to somehow make the narrative more interesting.

In conclusion, I feel that nowadays, out of the 4 concepts, interactivity and story are more focused in projects rather than game and play. There are some games that has good game play but poor storyline which lead to content that are not up to standard. Thus, resulting in an overall underwhelming experience. I feel that a work should have enough story to be a baseline in order for the entire concept of the project to have some ‘meat’ I would say.

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