Robotics Project Update #6: Constuction

The construction of this set up took almost a day to complete. It was extremely tedious and I used close to 200 cable ties and 55 springs. The above is just the first plate with 2 springs and 3 cable ties.


The first 5 plates were pretty easy but when it goes above 5, the set up starts to be wonky and everything is just swaying around when I was putting them together.

Recapping from the previous update, I wanted to make the set up able to stand on its own. With only 4 plates the set up was able to sustain its own weight as well as jump around when pressed.

However, at 7 plates, it cant stand on its own any more, I tied a string to it so that the set up can be held up with that string.

At 10 plates, the set up requires much more help from the string.

For my next update, I will try out the set up with the simulated motors put through all the springs and test if they can work properly.

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