Robotics Project Update #8: New arms within

New Arms for the motor

Motor Holder

The above are the new arms and motors holders (that I forgot to address in my previous post). The arms allows a full range of motion by pulling the strings (which only requires 90 degrees of motor movement). The grooves on the arms allows me to tie the strings onto them if I need to calibrate them in the future. There is also a support on the motor holder which creates a ‘i’ beam shape. This allows the motor to be supported, and not get the motor move towards to bottom of the acrylic if the pulling strength is too high.

I taped them to the under side of the spring set up so that I can try to fit into the flower pot. It took a few configurations before I was able to get the entire ‘roots’ system into the pot. I tape the motor holders so that I am able to quickly reposition them if needed.

The picture above shows the motors rest at a comfortable configuration and there is ample space to put in a Arduino, a power bank and wiring.

Finally, I glued the motors to the underside of the acrylic base and tried to find 3 working motors with arduino nano before putting them into the pot. I used one HS 422 and two HS 322 in this set up.

After uploading some code into Arduino, the ‘plant’ starts to sway and the movement was really interesting. For my next update, I will try to add the ‘skin’ to this model and also make it move smoothly.

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