Typographic Portrait: Final Outcome


I am a cheerful and spontaneous person. Having the orange colour portrays me as cheerful, while the arrangement of the ‘Bacteria’  shows the spontaneous side of me.final outcome-01


My impression of engineers is always them dealing with machines and precise numbers. I am also a person who enjoys achieving precision in my work thus I draw really this detailed and miniature mechanism on a piece of a blueprint background to give the post card a planned blueprint feel which is usually what engineers use to build various machines.

final outcome-02

Wood Carver

My understanding of woodcarver is that they take a simple piece of wood and carve 2D or 3D patterns out of it.

final outcome-03


I use black rubber texture as the main floor while the wood as the stairs. I am a sporty person so the black rubber texture will show the sporty side of me while the wood stairs shows the versatile side of me.

final outcome-04

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