“Welcome to Electronic Café International” Research reading

Welcome to Electronic Café International is a remarkable read as it truly shows communicating through the “third space” lets people feel the core of this project, warmth and closeness. Hole in Space by Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowit has created a portal of spontaneously and was able to capture the essence of using the electronics for interaction bringing people from miles away to share a common space.

I do agree with the quote ‘the café as cultural community center’. From the way how the content is phrased, it is suggested that many people in the 1980s were sceptical about using technology to communicate. With some participants believing that videography ‘stole’ some part of their soul, it was very important to negate the negative thoughts of these participants. Quote from the page 348 of the article “On the third night, families from miles away drove into the cities with cars full of kids to meet up with relatives on the other coast whom they had not seen in years…” fully shows that Hole in Space had bought friends and families together by creating a ‘portal’ of interaction. It is also a sign that people were embracing the technology with lesser scepticism. With Hole in Space culturally advancing communications from Telephone (voice only interactions) to Video (voice and visual interactions), it encourages and embrace the developments of telecommunications by showing the masses how much warmth and closeness it can bring despite the distance between them.

In conclusion, I believe that Hole in Space shows how technology influences the cultural aspects of society. It uses technology to tackle disbelief in the advancement of technology. Putting it to the modern context, there are people who are worried about artificial intelligence, online payments and many other new and emerging technologies, I believe that all of them should have a form of public and artistic project (similar to Hole in Space) to promote the advancement it could potentially bring for the community.

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