In world of Noche: Chapter I Darkness

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3 Hours of day time is very precious in world of Noche. The sun only start to rise at 8.30am and start setting in 10am. By 10.30am it is complete darkness again. It has been like that for about 30 years since the War of Knight. After the war Noche is split into two clans, Hata and Jark. They work hand in hand until the recent years they could not come to a consensus view.

Theron, the young and charming guy who is the second in command of the research and Development division. He had just ended a weekly meeting with all the division in Hata clan. They have been discussing the securities and backup plans long time ago, just in case if anything happen between them, Hata and Jark. Suddenly he receive a information regarding a few traitor trying to send over information to Jark. Without hesitation he rush over to the questioning room.

At the same time, Lythicorn who is always on the top secret mission is back, running hastily looking for Theron.

However, things gone more wrong at this time. There is a sudden explosion can be heard outside at the central of Hata. Soon after the explosion, lights has been gone. Something weird about this explosion is it only cause all the lights to shut down [meaning anything that can generate light cannot work anymore]. Civilian in Hata are all in panic mood and cause a major upheaval.

In this situation, what will you do?

Author: Su Hwee Lim

I am a picky vegetarian who is a left hander. A Minority in minority.

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  1. take out any light produce equipment to try, on and off ALL light switch i could find… as a logical person, i must see to believe it!! HOW CAN THIS BE?!?

    1. Theron currently still on your way to the questioning room while this incident happened. After trying multiple light produce equipment he still failed. Then he receive a call from the chief asking him to settler the situation outside and find out what is happening.

      Currently you got 3 task:
      1. Calm the civilians
      2. Find you what cause the situation
      3. Continue your way to questioning room

      Do remember you may commend your men to find do the task but you need to do 2 of them yourself.

      What will you do?

        1. After organising his men all over to Hata to manage the civilians and collect informations. All building still down with lights.

          When Theron enter the questioning room the officer hand over you the file and explain the situation. The traitor are from the transport information department. They could not get any information from them but the traitor said they want to see you. There is a total 2 of them in separate room.

          Background information: Transport information department in charge of the public transports and also PAV (Personal Air Vehicle) that used by the public servant. They also communicates with the public servant and know where the vehicle travel to.

          Theron enter the first room to meet the first traitor. What is the first question you will ask the traitor?

          1. look at the file which the officer hand over to me, grab a chair and sit right infront of them without even looking at them. read the file. name? rank? background? how are they caught as a traitor?

  2. As usual tasked to ‘observe’ the situation in the clan to spy on the traitor within the base. Looking through a high tech scope from 5 kilometers away, I find lycrucaster suspicious as he handle the files. He does not look normal. From the experience I have for what I have done for missions, lycrucaster definitely wasn’t the same lycrucaster 5 years ago.
    I should probably take things to my own decision.

  3. Background of the Traitors:
    The traitors work in the Transport information department for 10 years. They both opted for the night shift. In Hata the computers have a security that secretly records down all the outgoing and incoming information. When ever they are on the night shift, they would download extensive amount of information which is not required during the night shift. Ever since than, Lythicorn has been spying on them.

    He found out they have been communicating with the Clan of Jark through a small wireless device which allow them to send and communicate. The traitors send detailed information like PAV routes where the public servant in Hata used to carry out their mission as well as the timing for Levitamagnetic trains and maps.

    Theron flip through the file using the night vision goggle and enter the first room to meet the first traitor. He grabs a chair and sit in front of him starts to interrogate him. Roll 2 dice against intelligence to see if you could get information from him.

    While Lythicorn receive a call from Chief. He was asked to assist with the research for the head of Chemical division to solve the light problem. The Chief also mention that peace was the ultimate aim for current situation. Roll 2 dice against intelligence to see if your information collected from your observation help in the research.

    1. Theron manage to get information from the first traitor and also the second traitor. They said, there is more to come, this chemical bomb is just a start. The only way to stop all this is to find the chief to negotiate. Both of their parents are held as hostages to do this job. They pleased Theron to find their innocent parents.

      Theron went on to report to chief and told him the reason, feeling compassionate and wants to bring their parents back. He suggest to the Chief as all other commander is unavailable and he agree to let you go.

      At this time Lythicorn is back to the chief office. His observation contribute to the research and speed up the process. They realised that the bomb that has exploded still continuously defusing a kind of chemical compound to the air. They believe that the compound is the source that cause light source to stop. Commander of the chemical division says we need to know the compound use in the chemical bomb before we can defuse it. Clan of Jark might have the method to defuse the bomb.
      After Lythicorn report to Chief he mention the reason behind this is because Chief refused to share their invention to them from their prior agreement and cause them to be agitated.

      Chief order both of you to go the Clan of Jark. Mission include negotiating with the Chief and a secret mission to steal bomb related information.

      Bring 3 things, it can be anything before starting your journey? (exclude what you already have)

      1. ill bring
        1) A pair of silent electronic rollerblades that could go up to a maximum of 100 Km/hr design by me
        2)Advanced Electronic lock picking tools also design by me

        3)A encrypted long range signal set which could send and receive images and sound from the camera and mic.

  4. Lythicorn:
    1. a fake luxurious watch (a greeting gift) with nuclear bomb installed in it
    2. device with includes gps data (location), data messaging (to base), watch-bomb activation system
    3. audio recorder hidden in robe

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