LORE II: In world of Noche

Detail of the set world of Noche.


In Clan of Jark

Freedom of movement is limited in the Clan of Jark. Others than military mobilisation permit, civilians must have a permits to travel around. They have the same transportation as Clan of Hata magnetic levitation where Hatanese share their inventions with them. Other information are unknown.

In Clan of Hata

There is only public transport available for all civilians, whereas only certain high ranked public servant of the clan has their own transport. They invented the magnetic levitation train that called Levitamagnetic, which connect them across the small island.  Levitamagnetic can go as fast as 400km/hr and stops at strategic areas which accessible for everyone. They do not have any maps or stations names to prevent any invaders to their clan, all Hatanese have been educated to memorise the stations.

As for public servant, they have a PAV (Personal Air Vehicle). Usually used when they are in a mission or for security purposes. Other information is top secret.


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