LORE III: In world of Noche

Structure of the Hata Clan

At the start of clan, it is made up for a group of people who are interrelated families. Hata clan first founded by Mozaka Hatch and soon elected to become the Chief of the clan for 40 years. After the War of Knight, Mozaka has been assassinate by the the commander of Knight Paul Marat. The second Chief now is Frankie Stanly who is been elected by all the commanders. Chief are responsible for daily civilian’s affairs and maintain the peace within the clan. He oversee most of the matters. Moreover secure the funding through various of ways like trading new inventions and agriculture.

The basic form of the clan includes the Mercenary Military Force (MMF). They invent and try out different new weapons as well as machines. This is the usual source of their fundings. In MMF are split into 4 division: Research and Development, Armed Forces, Administrative and Agriculture.

Research and Development

Basically a division for research and inventions/improvement of their own invention ranging from weapons to machine and equipments. They work in a very flexible and resourceful attitude to generate more creativity to their work. Usually they are that kind who can do everything and anything.

Armed Force 

A training and restricted area for civilians. Every Civilian undergo armed force training during their teenage years. Other information is top secret.


In this division was form to support the civilians with various kind of administrative. For example applying permits. Education was also part of this division. Main language in Hata is english and will be teach in the academy. They will also learn basic knowledge about the clan and system used in Hata.


The agriculture contribute to part of the clan economy. Their advance technology uses high intensity discharge light to replace sunlight and grow their vegetable. Agriculture take place only at the north part of Hata Clan.


Ranks are split into 4 ranks. Start from the lowest will be Academy student followed by Juniors, Seniors and Commanders. They will be a learning the basic about the clan with knowledge of each individual division. After academy they will be posted to division where is recommended by their supervisor. They are to reach a certain level of maturity and skills for their supervisor submit their names to the Chief regarding to the promotion issue. Than will be transfer to different division to perform their specialities.

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