LORE VI: In world of Noche


December 21, 1986 the day where Hata clan pronounce to be free from war and its the first year of their independence.

From than on they regards December 21 as a celebration day as well as a memorial day. A day that dedicated to the men and woman who was sacrificed in the War of Knight. A declared national holiday a parade will be held in the War Memorial Hall at 8.30am sharp when the sky start to get bright. All citizen are to gather around at open space at the community site where they will have a moment of silents together. A tradition has been passed down where each of them will bring a stalk of white roses to the streams or rivers letting the water carries their gratitude to the people who sacrifice. Skies will be dark during noon, there will be airshow which will produce coloured smoke that can be seen in the dark. This is a form that used to start the celebration for their independence.

Celebration will be held privately for family reunions, a forms of treasuring the time they have together. Fireworks that last for 15 min will take place at the central of the city. It also reminds everyone that life is short and being mindfulness about the present moment. Just like fireworks are exquisite but it only happen in seconds.


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