In world of Noche: Assignment II Soundscape

Assignmnet 2 - Support imageThis image was a support for the soundscape. Kindly put on your earpiece to listen to little details. 🙂

Theron and Lythicorn were assigned to go on mission to Clan of Jark. Theron was walking from interior to exterior while Lythicorn was already waiting for him. Hata Clan was surrounded by sea and separated by rivers in between their lands. Lastly they flew off with the personal air vehicle (PAV).


Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 2.45.25 PMThe sound track includes a total of 15 tracks, some is repeated in this soundscape.

Download tracks [with adjustment]:

  • Seawave
  • Open/close of car doors
  • Air craft sound (was split into 2 tracks)

Self-record tracks:

  • Ambience Bird [Roof top Birds]
  • Ambience Bird [nature parks]
  • Door [open/closed]
  • Theron foot steps [boots]
  • Theron clothes brush against each other [Cargo pants material]
  • Theron Voice
  • Lythicorn foot steps Shoes
  • Lythicorn clothes brush against each other [Leather material]
  • Unlock of car [vocal and editing]
  • Engine sound [vocal and editing effect (Stretch and pitch – cutting power)]

Adjustment were made like panning and making the sound more dense to mimic the actual surroundings.

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