Narrative for Interaction Plot Idealisation I

The direction of the project I am going towards is information narrative showcasing different parts of Singapore, could be place that is common or uncommon. I will using the advantage of social media to link up with my project. I have found a reference on how the interaction to the user will be from a game promotion website. 

Halo 5: Guardians Visualizer 

Possible flow of plot:

  1. Entering preview page The map
    [An introduction to user,
     what is the objective of the website.]
    Reference: Markuslerner travelscope
  2. The overview of 3D map
    [User can move around with mouse and decide which area to click to view.]
    Reference: Halo 5:Guardians Visualizer

Using the combination of Threejs and WebGL. Before that 3D model of the map need to be done. [Researching Still in Progress].

  • Information about that place
    [There will be information of that particular place as well as a cluster of photograph will be link from social media, either from hashtags or the location that they tagged. ] 

Stages of progression

  • Using Blender or other 3D modeling software that can export JSON files to model the map out [compatible files for threejs.]
  • Try out the exports of JSON files in coding the threejs
    [Research Still in Progress]
  • 3D modeling of the map
    [Research Still in Progress]
  • Coding for Introduction to user using threejs and WebGL 
    [Research Still in Progress]
  • Coding for Map
    [Research Still in Progress]
  • Linking up the social media to html [+ problem solving, foresee there will be a lot of problem] 
    [Researching Still in Progress]
  • Final editing


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