Narrative for Interaction Progress update for Week 7 & 8

Starting off my project straight away after researching much about HTML & CSS. I feel this can help me learn better by solving the problem one by one as I encounter along the way.

I manage to build the it scrollable and is divided to two section.

This is the cover for my website. It will be add with more thing during the last stage after the main component of my project can work.
This is where users will start to navigate to explore more of the individual links.

After this I continue to venture out to code for Instagram API.

Client id is important as it will be needed for the code to work.
This is what I need for Instagram endpoint location: location id and access token

However after long time figuring out, I am still unable to grab the content under scope: Public Content.

AND… I found out is due to the change of Instagram policy. But what I have learn is that I am able to grab my own photos! HAHA still, I accomplish something. For more about Instagram API visit my another post.

Each Instagram client are only allow to grab 20 photos which only from your own account.
So I apply it into a more complicated code.

For the above, I have used a library call Instafeed which is very popular during the times when we are still able to grab Instagram photos freely. And I have seen tutorials that it really work! Its really damn cool and lots of possibility to explore.

I have also tried grabbing photos using JSON with PHP Composer but this is really hardcore coding that I makes me really confused.

However, moving on with such circumstances, I have search for other Instagram approved API websites to grab photos from there. I came across a few, sadly they all need to pay except for TwineSocial. TwineSocial provide 1 month free trial which suitable for a trial session.

Result of the search for Bras Basah MRT photos! Next will adding it to the website.

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