Butterfly Effect – Research for other similar projects [Zi Feng & Su Hwee]

Hologram can be a future ideas for other project, the effect is quite interesting as a 2D image can be portray in 3D. However there is also limitation to the size that can be show.

This installation not just only an artwork but also an educational piece that raise about educational issue.


Curiosity Cloud installation work on a simple idea of using motor and sensor, still this art work catches my eye because of its variations. They uses 25 different type of insects, whenever viewers walk closer the insects starts to flattered. This creates a surprise element and its just mesmerising to look at.

For our project, just in case that we couldn’t breed the butterfly we might also use the similar method to create movement for our fake butterfly.

This project is quite interesting in a way that he uses bugs to create the painting.


Orchestra Da Camera, mice running wheels playing music boxes. This has some similarity with our project, just that our graphic will be react to the butterfly movement.

I feel that this artwork has give a different perspective. The combination of music and nature movement of birds to create a piece of music. The artist did not plan it so complex or complicated to make it interesting, however a simple concept creates a lot of possibility in music.


Author: Su Hwee Lim

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