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Okay so is for one of my core module ??? night time in adm!

Posted by Su Hwee Lim on Thursday, 17 August 2017


This real time aggregation caught me by surprise. No plans or any idea what do I need to say or do in this live video recording on Facebook. Facebook is a social media that include my close friends, family and lastly acquaintance which are those I hope they doesn’t see it. (although is not possible LOL) This is also the first time I try streaming of myself LIVE.

Once the video started, an idea actually pop up in my mind. “At this hour who else is still in school” which I wanted to know if there is anyone staying back and what they are doing. I was quite nervous at first and accidentally knock on to my friend’s head. However I started off introducing this video are for one of my core modules and I feel less tense when I saw my close friends was watching! There is a few conversation in between the 15 min video, they communicate with me by leaving a comment. I get carried away after awhile when I was walking around the school introducing where I am going, where is this place and who are those people I met along the way.

During the live streaming, I constantly remind myself to speak in English just in case there is any viewer who do not understand Chinese. I also feel the whole class got more interactions during this project as compare to before. Just when the camera is on, it somehow weaken the ice and barrier that we had, saying hello to each other live streams. It a kind of bonding when everybody is doing something together.

Like I feel that Interactive media class has the lesser interaction with our classmates as compare to other majors. They would stay in dungeon or carve wood together but we seems a little scattered around. Its also understandable that due to our course nature, our project is very different from each other, we code different things which is not something we can help each other easily. Moreover most of us are new to this course so most of our time spends on coding and solving our project problem.

The effects are also something interesting to play with. Sometimes the face detection feature just look funny to me and some effect also helps to beautify the whole scene. It even can be a tool to help you to hide yourself from the camera for awhile. I just feel a bit more at ease when there is effects because it just looks good! However after awhile I got bored at it and I keep switch back or changes to other effects.

In conclusion, its really interesting when we put all the video together and see what others was doing as it happen simultaneously. The live streams shows a different view point from each of us probably like a multi dimensional streaming. We also get to laugh at some of the videos like the pink lama was appearing everywhere and someone also tries to imitate the lama voice. Although this is my first time doing live stream, many things can be plan or be better but I really like how it is so natural and impromptu. The feeling and experience would not be the same if we all planned out before hand. We also can see different sides of our classmates and subtly learn about them through their video from talkative ones to the just filming ones. Indirectly this project also creates a topic between ourselves. Along the way we also helped each other as probably this is all our first time using the live function on Facebook. The overall experience was very interesting although I was quite panic at first, I felt this project bonded our class a little more and we all had fun!

Author: Su Hwee Lim

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2 thoughts on “Real Time Aggregation”

  1. Hi Su Hwee! I was nodding as I read your post, gotta agree with how things turned out very natural and impromptu.

    Anyway, i’d like to know your thoughts on this:

    Are there any noticeable difference when someone does a live video as compared to taking a normal video for instastory/snapchat etc?

    Nice featured image by the way :p


    1. Hello Valerie!

      Responding to your question, I feel there is a different between live video and snapchat instastory video. For live video is more of maybe you have something to tell the world, be it anything and you cannot do any adjustment to it. As for instastory and snapchat there is a chance for you to decide whether you want to post it or not. The content are also different, where instastory and snapchat are more fun thing that you snap in everyday life whereas live would be different it can be scripted. Well all can be vary that depend on the user.

      🙂 thank you

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