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Last lesson the class was conducted on Adobe Connect where everybody gets online to attend the lesson. At first it was really overwhelming and fascinating. There is even this interesting function to raise up our hand or leave the room which on the online conference is very important to have this indication. The message area are also very new to me while listening and my classmates would raise some question. However, it get sort of distracting when we need to concentrate on both side. At last I actually give up on reading the messages and concentrate on what Prof was saying.

During lesson, I felt quite tense up because I am afraid if I heard wrongly or over heard what people were saying. It need full attention to comprehend as compare to face to face.

At the last part of our lesson was the most memorial and amazing experience. We are on our webcam and need to corporate with the person around us in the grid. I really like when we try to connect each other together visually that shows some narrative. The object that we shown around us also reveal bits of our personality and has a story behind it. From the web cam also reveal a part of our personal space at home which I felt that was interesting to see our daily surrounding which we are all very different.

Author: Su Hwee Lim

I am a picky vegetarian who is a left hander. A Minority in minority.

2 thoughts on “Reflection – Adobe Connect”

  1. 1. Chat sort of distracting: Gave up on reading the messages

    No wonder your longest chat message was, “I need to go to the washroom will back in soon”? Kekekee.

    It is interesting that you mentioned: “HAHAHA that was fun!”

    I like how you sent a “LOL val” to your classmate. Hannah also responded with a “hahaha su hwee” during the online lesson. I did not observe such playfulness at B1-14.

    So while you found chat distracting while you were trying to listen to the speakers, was there anytime that you felt chat was useful?

    2. Tension, fear of hearing wrongly, needing full attention, compared to face to face

    Why did you fear hearing others wrongly? Were you unable to hear them clearly? What specifically was making things difficult for you? Why is it easier for you to hear others clearly, during onsite lessons at B-14?

    3. Connecting with others in the Adobe Connect grid

    Tell me about your experience as a performer in the collective body narrative, where you had to work with your classmates.

    4. Revealing personal space at home on webcam

    Did you learn anything new about your classmates during the lesson? If you did, what did you learn?

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