Device of the Week #02 – Eunoia II

This interactive piece was created by New York based artist Lisa Park uses brainwave sensors. The brain activity would be detect from NeuroSky EEG headset into data and translate to sound wave to create vibration in the pool. There is total of 48 pools with speakers which symbolise 48 different emotions define by a philosopher Baruch Spinoza such as hope, fear, remorse and compassion.

When high frequency brain wave such as frustration would trigger louder sound output while lower meditation would have slower vibration. From the constant changing patterns of rippling, visually display the brain activity from user emotional status.

From this project, it help us to understand more of our brain visually through the data collected. Probably in future this project can develop further for medical purpose to analyse brain or feelings. Especially to understand coma patient brainwave could help them recover better. Or for patient who cannot communicate verbally, we could analyse how they feel and made adjustment accordingly if there is a chart of flow to refer to. I feel there are lots of potential in this project to develop to help people. The overall placement of the project is also aesthetically pleasing in symmetrical placement that reminds me of the connection between our neurons. The strong reminisce between our brain and concept are well thought out.

However the contrast of water ripples are very weak, I almost did not notice at first glance. Viewer might miss the important part of this art piece. Probably adding flicker lights to aid the frequency would be more impressing and eye catching. Or just light to emphasis the movement of water will make the whole artwork more prominent.

Author: Su Hwee Lim

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