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Posted by Nicholas Makoto on Thursday, 21 September 2017

Nicholas Makoto our safari theme live stream

Posted by Su Hwee Lim on Thursday, 21 September 2017


Cross stream broadcast was a collaboration with my classmate Makoto. We wanted to explore the possibility of Facebook Live using filters that can help to enhance our ADM safari’s idea. While combining with OBS, such as overlaying the animal gif and small photos to further emphasis on the theme.

We also designed the interface in OBS to make it looks like nature documentaries with showing unique information about each specie such as rabbits in ADM likes to eat KFC coleslaw or ADM student love cup noodles. Those information are plan to be nonsensical but some times is the facts of ADM student life.

On the actual cross streaming, we was lucky that there are still people around in school to appear in our streaming. I was quite overwhelmed and surprise by their respond as this was a unplanned streaming, they all reacted very well. Additionally, some even start to talk naturally along with the safari theme or even wanted to find a english name through the broadcast! From there we can see how technology are highly involved in our lives through their reaction to live broadcasting. Moreover, because there is a mutual trust between my friends and I that makes them willing to stream with me else they might think that I am a crazy person.

The filters actually created a lot interest in them that helps me to start a conversation. They are also interested in the other filters while we all play along with it. Similarly, it reminded me how I always play with the snapchat filters that just look amusing and fascinating.

The added filters created a funny or silly videos that can videoed by anybody and can be relate by everybody. It has become a culture in youths to video down their daily life that sometimes can brighten up each other day.

Another experience I had was some of my friends are watching me going live! Some they commented on the live which I did interact with them. The feeling actually feel kind of weird because I was interacting with them but I cannot see them. It feels a bit uncomfortable as there was no assurance or feedback that they can hear me. The only way was by keep commenting on Facebook.


When Makoto is the mobile streamer

Posted by Su Hwee Lim on Thursday, 21 September 2017

When it was my turn to control OBS, I was actually quite nervous. There are many things need to take note before we go on live stream. We would double check everything before we are ready to go live! At first I was panicking with the layers and captions as I need to be quick to react on which filter did Makoto chosen and show the layers accordingly.

After awhile I also found out using the on and offing the layers can make the words appearing flashing to help to inform the viewers of what we are doing. Therefore, just in case there is someone who just open up our live stream have higher chances of staying until they decide to move on.

In overall experience was quite stressful to me as we are not sure what we will face during our journey around ADM safari. Yet I do really enjoy process as I get to try out both screen broadcasting and mobile broadcasting. Mobile broadcasting was more interesting to me because I get to interact with people which was once my biggest worries they would reject being on live. However from the live experience, they become my biggest saviours as they are really open about getting on live with me. Screen broadcasting was quite stressful to me where some impromptu changes must be made in seconds. I feel Makoto has done a really great job, he is fast in typing and able to adapt to changes from my live streaming! The cross stream broadcasting not only deepen my understanding of what cross streams can achieve and also interesting how we human are comfortable in front of camera.

The cross stream can be viewed at:

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