Desktop Mise-en-Scene – OBS Experience


The OBS live stream is something that I really like to play with. There is filters and effect when combing them together it can create bizarre and interesting visuals. Before the streaming, I when online to search to learn more about this programme. I came across this youtube video with green screen effect.

I think it was really interesting those effects he has create. He duplicate the image capture and uses chrome key to select green to blind it so he was exactly looks like in the third space together with his screen. I apply the chrome key as well in my live stream on the moving letters. The image was to give a more digitalise feeling. Display capture are also another interesting tools that I found while exploring OBS. It allows you to capture anything on your screen such as your menu, time and date and mouse.

The mouse really interest me because it will auto change its icon while we are working or browsing. I added because I felt it will give variation to the live steam and highlight the presence of it. The mouse icon was so automated that we don’t really pay attention to.

One of my everyday task was to complete artwork for my client. In my live streaming, I was working on a brochure for a Vegetarian Festival in NewZealand. I though it would be interesting to see how the background process before the poster is completed. You also get to see my to-do list for school work.

During the live stream, at first I do feel some pressure as if there was like whole bunch of people looking at my screen. It was a bit uncomfortable and even I face some difficulty with the sound. There was a feedback from my speaker and suddenly there was someone cutting the grass under my block. It the noise was so loud that affecting my sound projection. The noise makes me panic until I realise I can stop it by offing my speaker. Initially I planned to play my playlist songs while I was doing my work like usually I would do, but it was too lag to do anything else. About half way through I get more comfortable by focusing more on the work. Time flies and I did not realise I actually did up a 25 min live stream Wow!



In conclusion, the experience with OBS was really fun! I really enjoy using different filters to create the visual. From the first OBS moving images of my desktop, changing of mouse to chrome key effect, I just let my mind run while and do what I though it was interesting and curious about. I really like how the effect how my Desktop Mise-en-Scene turns out especially the mouse! Perhaps next time, I should think about how the sounds is projected too, which this time the sounds was quite bad in the first few mins.


Device of the Week #01 – ALPHA – rotator

This alpha rotator was created by françois xavier saint georges, showcased in Amsterdam, Original Dampkring Gallery. The rotator are hung on the ceiling and has 6 arms, each with 26 holes that represents a alphabet. To interact with this device, user will place the pencil in each arms’s hole according to the word they wanted. Upon completion, user will need to push either of the handle above to construct the encrypted message. The pencils will gently draw against the paper that place on the floor. Final outcome of the word become encrypted message are filled with layers of lines, shades that would never be a second same piece.

The holes are designated

The pros of this artwork involved engagement in the viewer and provide them with a different experience in writing. I find it interesting that the artist designate the hole to each alphabet to form a word. At the same time, viewer are given a chance to participate and being an artist themselves by constructing the final piece. Creating the one and only piece instead of the literal writing.

However, the whole process could be quite time consuming although it can be really fun to play with. Probably machine can be implemented to adjust the position of the alphabet by viewer can key in their desire word to a computer and during their turn every thing will be automated. It can be quite interesting to see the machine move itself too! I feel there are also potential in this artwork to be use in group interactive controller. The 6 arms can be change into 3 platform that holds 3 person. They need to corporate together to change the direction of the controller to control the game character. In which it involve balancing and communication with team.

Overall, alpha rotator created a different experience for user to explore in writing making the user an artist. The change of position, a viewer to a creator provides sense of ownership and satisfaction would leave them deep impression.

I also came across this artwork called Study for Fifteen Points. The moving LED caught my attention as all of it are moving in different direction. Yet the later part of the video reveal that at one viewpoint we can see that each LED represent a point of a human walking. I felt this was not much of interactive device but something interesting to share with.



Research Critique Hyperessay – Bold3RRR

Jon Cates started his Realtime BOLD3RRR… in a totally different way by switching between his desktop share screen and his webcam Skype. Manually controlling of the visual images accompanied by various different noise combine together. It all feel very natural to the artist but a very different style of narration. Although it is different, it catches people’s attention because they are curious about where is this sound coming from and why is the image switching around. In the reading stated:

his “dirty new media” aesthetic that brings to the surface the aberrations and raw imperfections that are typically verboten in “high-end” digital circles.

I do agree that raw imperfections are portray in the works he have done demonstrates the glitch are breaking the rules but exploring with a different platform. He is just like a DJ but doubling the job of controlling the visual as well! It also stir us away from perfection to look at the raw imperfections, looking beyond the imperfection. Which I felt while viewing BOLD3RRR… I would let nature to take it course to bring me everywhere whenever familiar objects or experience bring me. Even though I might not get the full meaning of what Jon Cates, I am sure certain part of the video would reminds you of your certain experience in life. I though that was intriguing and evoking questioning would be enough to serve its purpose.

…+ openUp possibilities, potentialities for ppl, as well as for myself, but also for a community that can mobilize around these approaches, these ideas.

In reflection to the current society when we are too obsessed with perfection we become so serious in a way that we forget how to play and enjoy the process. We also focus on the productivity that we forget to explore the possibility.

but from a d1Ɍ+y̶̶N̶3WWW_M3DI∆ perspective, what you might want to be doing is “rebugging,” && pushing different aspects of the machinewwwhirlds to see their thresholds, exxxperiment, + play.

Viewer might also have a sense of annoyed at first like how I did. This almost natural reaction triggers our memories from our previous experience from technological errors. However, I felt we should not exclude and avoid the possibility. I found an article regarding glitch art interview with jonCates as well questioning about the kind of thinking we have from this art form can be applied to other aspects in life which

we often ignore those who don’t fit into our social ideals of perfections and worthiness;

It makes me think deeper that are am I open up to surprise or only see what I wanted to see? In conclusion, many times in our lives we face obstacles, problems and sets backs which we can all relate it as glitch. The dirty new media that Jon Cates created provides a whole new experience for us to face those natural accidents that we usually wanted to get rid. As when we are expose to unconventional means we could gain new insight that help us delve into opportunity like we never before.

Project 1 – SkinnyMeter [Zi Feng, Bao, Isaac, Su Hwee]


The idea of this project is to abandon the perfect expected image that advertising has given us. We hope to reshape the conventional mindset of being skinny is good while advocating that having a balance is more important. Using the pressure sensor to send their weight at least 45kg will give them a different responds starting from scolding to praising. We are also exploring the possibility of the feedback in which scolding the user which happen turn into a funny moment.

This project refreshed our memory on the serial communication between MAX MSP and Arduino. Setting up the icubex can be quite confusing because there are few programmes to be installed. We also tired both wireless and connected icubex but decided on the connected icubex to save battery. We had calibrate the pressure sensor and split the numbers accordingly. It is divided into 4 stages with our recorded sound feedback;

1/4 Red: Severely underweight and 1/4 lighted LED
2/4 Orange: underweight and 2/4 lighted LED
3/4 Yellow: Good with 3/4 lighted LED
4/4 Green: Very good with all lighted LED.

At first we are able to achieve that with controlling the LED light up one by one and change accordingly by increasing or decreasing one by one. However we found out that the communication between MAX MSP and Arduino was super slow due to our delay.

We solved the problem by using the code from our Professor LPD which did not have any delay. So we send the numbers to control the numbers of LED to light up. We also learn that the Serial.readBytes can be added a new line and in Max the string of integer can be separated by , so Arduino will read it separately.


RESPONSE: Jan Chipchase – You are what you carry

The reading are more in depth explanation of this Jan Chipchase’s Ted talk whereas now we were given a boarder view. He talk about the fundamental of carrying behaviour, which provides insight into the user activities, values, beliefs and fear. We also strategies where we should be putting our stuff to prevent us from forgetting them. I would always categories my things and place related item together, for example my lip balm and ointment was place at the same small pouch to allow me to find them easier in my school bag. I will also think about how frequent I will be using it and place them in different slot in my bag, so that I can just slip my hand without taking down my bag.

Jan Chipchase also uses examples to describe the term range of distribution. The Shanghai lady given me an insight of their risk of theft is high from the way she react on her shopping trip. In comparison, Singaporean are more relax that we simply place our phone on the coffee shop table where the phone are still visible to us. There are also cases that their phone are being stolen away however, the crime rate are lower as compare in Shanghai.

One of the part where he mention about a point of reflection. I was nodding all the way as it is something I do every time I leave a place. I will do the mental checklist like he said. This widespread behaviour could possibly due to incidents like we have forget our item before. So just to make sure we doesn’t make the same mistake we would take extra caution.

In future, there might be automated systems to predict our shopping habits. I felt it is really possible if most of the company would corporate together to shared the information among them. However, he mention about the way Amazon could do by sending the product to our house might only last for a period of time. Looking in Singapore context, I would imagine I get many different product each week/day that would be kind of irritating. The feeling given is like hard selling, although we can choose not to pick up that item. This also reminds me of how our advertisement on the browser are linked to our browsing history. If you are searching air ticket for the past few day, the advertisement in Facebook or other website would cater to what did you search for.

In conclusion, we would all have reason for the things we carry that are fundamentally tools for our survival. We also develop our own way of carrying behaviour that could be influence from our surroundings or personal reasons. Nonetheless, technology advancement would constantly changing our tool and idea of survival.

Reflection – Adobe Connect

Last lesson the class was conducted on Adobe Connect where everybody gets online to attend the lesson. At first it was really overwhelming and fascinating. There is even this interesting function to raise up our hand or leave the room which on the online conference is very important to have this indication. The message area are also very new to me while listening and my classmates would raise some question. However, it get sort of distracting when we need to concentrate on both side. At last I actually give up on reading the messages and concentrate on what Prof was saying.

During lesson, I felt quite tense up because I am afraid if I heard wrongly or over heard what people were saying. It need full attention to comprehend as compare to face to face.

At the last part of our lesson was the most memorial and amazing experience. We are on our webcam and need to corporate with the person around us in the grid. I really like when we try to connect each other together visually that shows some narrative. The object that we shown around us also reveal bits of our personality and has a story behind it. From the web cam also reveal a part of our personal space at home which I felt that was interesting to see our daily surrounding which we are all very different.

RESPONSE: Previous iLight festival project

The first project I though of was this piece that I went there personally on 2012 iLight Marina. I could not find any information about it so I would describe it from my memory.

This piece actually was place on somewhere that is not very obvious, however it attract my attention because it was only this straight of light with changing of colour. I was really confused what is it about until my brother in law came along to demonstrate.

Those images shown up when we set our camera in long exposure and turn the camera from left to right with tripod. It was really amazing and leave me with deep impression, I still not sure how they actually do this. Maybe they divide the image in to pixel in lines so while flashing different lines would result in the camera long exposure.

Although this piece was a really smart I feel that there was not enough indication on how we should look at this piece. I might really missed it without my brother in law explanation.

Next, this project was showcase in 2014 name CLOUD. The interactive sculpture was made up by 6,000 light bulbs created by Canadian Artist Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett. Light bulb are collected by the artist from surrounding community whether its new or burn. CLOUD allow the viewers to pull the chain to illumination of the cloud hope to create wonder and inspire re-imagining of their potential. As the viewer engage, indirectly creates a kind of social interaction between the viewer. Moreover, viewers out side of the installation would see a different dynamics every time. I feel this piece really catches my attention from far and near I would really want to play with this in real life.

Overall, I think a good installation art will leave people with some emotion through the experience. Because human are forgetful but the experience they attain would leave them with feeling. People will usually remember feeling as compare to what really happen. Also, indication are also important for people to understand the artwork. If the artwork is not intuitive design like the CLOUD sculpture, then it should specify somewhere that is visible to the viewer which the first example did not.

Research Critique Hyperessay – Hole in Space

This public communication art “Hole in space” was created in 1980 using satellite connection through a life-size video screen. The location was placed on in New York City and Los Angeles. This unexpected piece attracted large amount of people to interact with strangers also incidentally become a meeting place for people who hadn’t seen their loved ones in years.

People start gather around out of their curiosity until they figure out that they are able to communicate to another side of the screen they just start to talk! Just like what was said in the readings:

The absence of the threats of physical harm makes people braver. Virtual space diminishes our fears of interactions.

The reaction of people was really amazing, from the video, some are talking about their day, singing a song [probably the first live stream performance] and even starts to play some guessing games! Through the installation it created some kind curiosity which make people talk to each other easier. Many smiling face was seen when they were interacting. I feel that the life-size screen could be one of the well thought reason from the artist to give more impactful experience to simulate the real-life communication.

Screenshot from the video: A lady who was really excited to see her love ones

Moreover it also accidentally become a meeting place for people who did not seen each other in many years. A lady was totally screaming when she saw her family on the screen. It shows how the video interaction would communicate emotion. Through this installation, it bring down the barrier between people and help them to communicate where it does not happen frequently on street.

While researching, I came across the modern Hole in Space in Oakland neighbourhoods who was inspired by Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz’s Hole in Space. The two location are geographically close but socially and economically different. The intention of this piece was to break down the distance between the two neighbourhood. The results was drastically different, not many people crowd around the screen like how it was in 1980, which caught me thinking that our society has grown differently. However people are more comfortable bring in front of the camera, they were seen dancing and able to react to this “video call” quickly.

Where have we arrived? The implied answer is that we’ve come to a point where we regularly interact with people across the globe, but frequently ignore those who are right around us, buffered by increasing racial and economic segregation that allows for erasure of difference. It has happened all over, but especially in Oakland.

Lastly, both artists in 1980 and 2015 uses the form of connection to create interaction between both location. The collaborative effort was form unknowingly by the public which created the unscripted forms of communication that involved surprises and giving us hints about the nature of our society. The reinterpretation of the artwork in 2015 bring in one important point. The original intention of creating more human interaction through internet connection might have been lost. We interact lesser to the people around us even when they are our neighbours. Its a loosing of interaction that we can see from A Hole in Space in Oakland. However, it really depend on oneself, technology would bring us closer and closing us off to our own world.

RESPONSE: Jan Chipchase – The anthropology of mobile phone

To understand people Jan Chipchase starts from the very basic “what do people carry” which will leads to people’s conscious and subconscious. It shows what people values and what people usually use. I felt it still very relevant now, the three things: Phone, money and keys. Reflecting on myself, thats the three thing that I would carry even a short trip downstairs. That bring us to the next point that he mention in his research was Survival. We do that subconsciously, just in case we need those item out of a sudden.

Another notable point was mobile phone can transcend space and time where one can send a message to another at their convenient. The another person can read it at their own convenient too. However I felt in the present days, we took this convenient for granted. Sometimes, probably during argument with another party on WhatsApp I would constantly check if that party have read or just ignored that message. Or even there is a function like last seen and blue ticks to indicates that person last activity or have they read your message. Of course it provides proof that this individual has read but indirectly creates some assumption or mistrust between both party.

In the part of art of delegation he talks about people who was illiterate would ask people for help to complete the task for them. It reminds me of my aunty who was also illiterate. She has memorise all her friends and family mobile phone number so that she can contact them which I am really surprise. In comparison, I could only remember my parents’s phone number.

I am also surprise to see that in India and China would repair the phones and even have a training school for it. In contrast in the present days we would just change our phones if it was broken. There is the sudden thoughts on buying new stuff might be an act of profligacy. There was once my dad wanted to sew his torn small pouch which it can simply just buy a the cost about a dollar or two. It really hit hard on me that actually I wasted quite a lot of money.

Lastly, I agree with him that people identity is mobile. It was more prominent now just like when we can assign our mobile phone to received the OneKey one time password from our Singpass. It was the security measure that everyone must set up. In summary this video are very educational which give insight about human behaviour and also evoke thinking and comparison of the present and past. In realisation we are all already connected, embracing each other from forum and learn to listen to each other problem and giving solution how to solve.