Device of the Week #03 – Pilobolus: Art without authorship

Pilobolus was created for a social experiment on how social dynamic works and how individual can make decision which can affect on the overall result. It explore on how everyone can participate in the art with the combination of effort. They created 250 wired umbrella that can be lit up in different colours and projected all of them on to the screens.

I really like how they use simple device of controlling LED lights result in the aggregation effort in order to make this art work! Giving the audience choice to choose the colours and a togetherness experience which was a different approach from other art.

However, instructions was given to the audience in order to complete the images. I am really curious about what will happen when there are no instruction given so for the audience to explore the art piece themselves. Then it would invite more interaction between them and the results would be diverse as the result will be projected.

In additional, wireless connection could be added in the umbrella devices to link all umbrella together to create variation such as spreading of the light colours like “disease”. Or even it can be sold to the public, when one umbrella cross by another umbrella, it can detect each others and cause the LED to start blinking. As to create small little interesting moments that we might not experience before. Also, when computer recognise each umbrellas as pixel that will create many possibilities such as visual effects of linking all of them together to make an image outline.

In conclusion, Pilobolus had show us how human can work together in group to produce an art piece using the light up umbrella device. The aggregation effects can be use in many ways such as playing games and making a linked outline images.

Author: Su Hwee Lim

I am a picky vegetarian who is a left hander. A Minority in minority.

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