ASSIGNMENT : Diary of behaviour of Mobile Phones


create a diary of when, why and what you use your mobile device for. Observe how others are using their mobile devices. What are the most common uses and where do you see these behavior?

In my everyday life, when I wake up the first thing I would do was to checked my phone whether there is any messages or notification from my social media. Followed on by leisure scrolling and after that would be my game time “Mobile Legend”! This game actually took quite a lot of my time surprisingly as each games would last about at least 10 – 20 mins.

I also observe that when I am stuck at the work I do, I would tend to check my mobile devices more frequently. Probably an act that hoping that would have some idea sudden struck into my head. When I was commuting I would use my mobile depending on my mood if I was bored or if I wanted some “ME” time I would restrict myself from using but plug in with my earpiece. Where I can get some deep thoughts going in my head.

As for my observation from others, you can really see most of the people are using their mobile phone when they are commuting. I felt this probably to help them past their time during the long journey and to avoid this awkward staring with other commuters. Some also make use of their time catching up with friends and family which reflect that we are living in a busy city.  While for the youngster around my neighbourhood tend to play games together sitting beside the basketball court. This new form of bonding session are quite different from my era which I find it quite interesting! They would communicate with each other and came out with some plans to attack opponent.


Do not use your phone, computer or electronic device for 24 hours. Create a diary documenting and describing the difference in your behavior patterns. How did you do the things you would normally do with your phone? What other alternative behaviors did you develop? What else did you notice about the difference in behavior?

I have tried this experiment while staying over at my cousin house with her. We almost forgot what we have this plan in the morning but luckily we have set the reminder! We actually like the “disconnection” because we can actually engage more with each other. Usually we would converse for awhile and browse our mobile and continue to converse again. As for this times, although without the mobile phone we feel we can engage in the conversation better without distraction. The burden of mobile is that you actually has the responsibility to reply them after you have read. It has become a manners and expected to reply messages. Whereas when our mobile phone is off the burden felt lesser, most probably was due to our “last seen” can show our timing so we have a valid reason for not replying.

I also feel that I live the moment more as compare to using my mobile. A bigger part was when using my mobile phone I feel is just like multi-tasking, you have to connect to your mobile and settle whatever that need to be settle whether is a group project or family matters. After that you disconnect to your phone and engage in real life which the switch process actually feels tiring to me now.

In my overall experience, disconnect [our mobile phones] to connect [our current real life moment] was more important to me. After this experience, I would limit myself to check my phone lesser and concentrate on what’s happening right now. Lesser time in browsing web can also buy me more time for sleeping time and definitely help to prevent my eye sight getting worst.

Author: Su Hwee Lim

I am a picky vegetarian who is a left hander. A Minority in minority.

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