RESPONSE: CH 1 from Jonas Löwgren and Erik Stolterman, Thoughtful Interaction Design


In the reading, the authors brings out the importance and ability how designer can makes a difference which in turns the responsibility designer held. Going beyond usability and usefulness for interaction design, a thoughtful designer with great ability to create designs that are appropriate to the solution.

A thoughtful designer is about being reflective and able to examine the purpose, outcomes and benefits of doing design in various ways. Where good judgment and critical skills are needed to determine what is appropriate approach. I also agree with the authors that the idea of “good design” are too complex to achieve consensus as it was in relation to many ideals. Yet, constant thoughtful reflection will improve the designer’s design ability.

Design would impact people’s lives where the decisions and action from the designers will affects their choice for action or even influence them. Every new design they have seen changed their overall experience of the world giving them the small scale perspective. From digital artifact of promoting products or meaningful quotes that will leaves them with impression that would manifestations into ideological ideas. Thus, designer has certain significant power in influencing people in their everyday life. While this power comes with responsibility while working with contradiction and dilemmas. The authors pointed out about client hold the responsibility for the outcome as well as the designer who produce the work which I find it very relevant across design industry. As the professional accumulate knowledge from experience helped the designer to produce the design works. Designers should have more confident in pushing for good design by trusting their own judgment. The authors also mention that being a designer does not mean to get rid of all obstacles but develop something that has lasting quality in the most suitable and creative way given with exiting condition which I personal agreed. Designers can’t possibly solve every single problem yet in that particular situation what can be done or change was more important.

In conclusion, a good designer requires not only the normative approaches but also a reflective mind that will constantly redefine what is good design to improve design ability. They understand that theories, concepts and ideas are the basic while challenge themselves in various aspect and working out the appropriate solution from all given condition. Knowing the responsibility that it would have significant impact on the society to design people’s lives.


 2 examples of good examples of thoughtfully designed user experience product/project

1: Singapore ticketing machine


In the earlier days of public transport uses the magnetic fare card and manual machine, commuter need to slot the card in and press the distance of fare themselves. This also results in confusion of the distance fare where commuter would just press the lowest fare amount. The action of pressing this manual machine slow down the whole process that would effect the overall commuting experience. This few secs would added up which become a delay for the bus timing.


Whereas for the ez-link card machine it was introduce in 2002 for the transit payment on public transport. The contactless stored value card objective was to speed up the passenger flow on the gantry and buses. Each individual trip will be calculated by the system and deducted automatically. The flow of commuters are also recorded in each bus through the tap machine so to cater according to the needs in various hours. Moreover the use of the Ez-link has extend to be use as payment for ERP, carpark fees or even retails outlets. This help us in multiple ways of payment while having a single card for transportation.

2: Erasable Pens 

Since young I would carefully write my notes and homework using pencil so I can erase it when I written something wrong. Until we are require to use pens the problem occur, even using correction tape would leave visible marks that will still annoys people who has OCD. Thankfully erasable pens are invented now and getting more and more popular! The ink uses 3 types of chemical compounds when heat friction is produce the chemical would mix together to produce the change of colours. Although its a very simple product but it helps people with OCD a lot that would made their written experience more effective! They solve the common problem of writing mistakes can be corrected easily without any visible trace.

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