ASSIGNMENT: Response to Interactive Environments & Experience Design

Firstly, I am really amazed that how Timothy can actually remember each holes that the synthesizer can produce. The combination of different holes results in many way of playing with the frequency and beat. I really like the variety that this art piece can provide to the audience which there will always be a new combination of making the music. Its just as simple as everyone can make music!

One important point from this project was that it is really simple that you just have to plug in to the holes and something changes. Through the participation from my classmates, at first they seems quite unsure to play with the synthesizer however slowly they actually simply just play around with it. The interesting graphical image give us feedback about the frequency that actually was quite fascinating to look at. The change of movement flashing image really caught my attention which makes me really wants to try it, however after awhile I felt my head was aching probably due to the change of high pitch or frequency.

During Timothy’s presentation, he surprise me about his past experience where his art piece was affecting the dolphins near by due to the frequency from the synthesizer leaves me with deep impression. Indeed an artist would face various problem especially during outdoor exhibition. I am really impressed when he lower down the volume and did some changes to his piece in order to protect the dolphins which I felt that flexibility is very important. The provided environment is something we cannot change but we can make adjustment to the artwork. We also need to think about what can be done to optimise the experience for the audience yet still remain the core essence of the art work. Thankfully he shared this important points and giving us heads up about anything can happen during outdoor exhibition.

Lastly, from Timothy’s presentation I have learnt a lot from his personal experience that I can put in to good use in our iLight installation. He had consider many aspects for his art piece from the measurement of the box, user experience to interact with his art piece and even making adjustment due to unforeseen circumstances. I am sure we are given a wider perspective on the importance of small details would makes a great difference.

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