Co-Broardcasting Reflection

Posted by Su Hwee Lim on Thursday, 12 October 2017

In our first co-broadcasting we are trying the function of combing the both live streams. It was quite easy to use as we just need to invite the person and when they agree we can stream together.

The timing of both cross streaming was quite in sync when we can literally communication to each other. This provides us with the advantage of communication in real time without using other applications.

We are also curious how many people can be added into the live stream, however it only allows 2 people. We was trying to add Joan in to it but we failed to do so.

We also find it quite interesting to play with the view point of high angle and low angle where placing it side by side. It reminds me of our first broadcast when we place all of them in a grid.

I really like how both camera can uses angle to interact with each other. It sorts of added funny factor into the streaming.

Costream test 2 Su Hwee Lim

Posted by ZiFeng Ong on Wednesday, 18 October 2017

So we did another one that was more of a trial for our project taking the advantage of the co-broadcasting. We had plan some actions such as combining the face and try to sync together with our expression.

It was quite fun actually when both of us manage to do it. The result give a bizarre feeling, probably if we would take note of the environment lighting and make our skin tone look similar it will be more unusual.

We also try taking off our glasses together and see how the effect was like. I feel it turns out pretty cool although we have a different glasses.

Passing the object as much easier, however we need to note that we must coordinate properly in order not to expose ourselves. One of the most interesting one was:

When Makoto suggested us to do the side profile and we turn to make it look coordinated. It looks really interesting to me which something we can take note and contribute to our final projects.

From the whole process, we can take advantage on the real time communication and help each other to coordinate together. As for final project we might also need to think about we are broadcasting with 4 or 3 people when one of us can be the coordinator to help us with the broadcast. I have got ideas such as using the common object to use as the passing item and we would have it at both broadcasting locations. Also we could play scissor paper stone with the one next to us, however for 4 streamer would be quite hard to achieve.

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