Final Project Rehearsal

We first discussed about how we should be doing the actual thing and details about our positioning. At first we wanted to film at the open area in ADM, however we realise that some of us will be backlighting as a result a dark video. So we decided to move out of indoor since we should test it out the real situation outside!

Posted by Su Hwee Lim on Tuesday, 24 October 2017

This was the first very not in sync video where we still quite confuse when we should move our face in. We came up with a plan of counting together and define when will we our turn to shift our face in.

Posted by Su Hwee Lim on Tuesday, 24 October 2017

We have tired 2 type of exchanging the face via live streams, exchanging of cameras and also moving with it. These are the important factors in our final live streaming. We also figure out some ways to make a smoother passing within ourselves!

So for the effect we will need the wall so that we can see the combination effects and how we can improve on it! We are excited for it! 🙂

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