Presentations – Anthropomorphism. Humanoids and Androids.

My presentation research are based on the research paper:

  • The mind behind anthropomorphic thinking: attribution of mental states to other species
  • Development of an Android Robot for Studying Human-Robot Interaction
  • Anthropomorphism and Human Likeness in the Design of Robots and Human-Robot Interaction
  • What Makes Anthropomorphism Natural: Intuitive Ontology and Cultural Representations

  • Interactive Humanoids and Androids: Promise and Reality
  • Human—Android Interaction in the Near and Distant Future
  • Social Cognition Unbound: Insights Into Anthropomorphism and Dehumanization
  • Who Sees Human? The Stability and Importance of Individual Differences in Anthropomorphism
  • Interactive Humanoid Robots and Androids in Children’s Lives

  • The Usage and Evaluation of Anthropomorphic Form in Robot Design

Author: Su Hwee Lim

I am a picky vegetarian who is a left hander. A Minority in minority.

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